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Oils and Vinegars

Oils and Vinegars

New product is coming in every week.

To find out what's fresh in the Larder or to make an order, please call us on 01295 265684, email us or come and visit the shop!

  • Balsamic (Giusti) 1 Silver Medal Sinfonia x 250ml
  • Balsamic (Giusti) 2 Gold Medals Classico x 250ml
  • Balsamic (Giusti) 3 Gold Medals x 250ml
  • Balsamic (Giusti) 4 Gold Medals x 250ml
  • Balsamic (Giusti) 5 Gold Medals Red Stripe
  • Balsamic Condiment (Giusti) Figs x 100ml
  • Balsamic Condiment (Giusti) Truffle x 100m
  • Balsamic Cream (Giusti) Duchessa Carlotta 500ML
  • Balsamic Cream (Giusti) Family Reserve IGP
  • Balsamic Cream (Giusti) Fig x 150ml
  • Balsamic Cream (Giusti) Pomegrantate x 150ml
  • Balsamic Cream (Giusti) Raspberry x 150ml
  • Balsamic Cream (Giusti) Truffle x 150ml
  • Balsamic (Giusti) Duchessa Carlotta x 250ml
  • Balsamic Cream (Giusti) Duchessa Carlotta 250ML
  • Balsamic Cream (Giusti) Vanilla x 150ml
  • Malt Artisan x 250ml
  • Red Wine (Ponti) x 1Lt
  • Sherry Reserve x 75cl
  • White Wine Vinegar (Ponti) x 1Lt
  • Basil (Redoro) x 250ml
  • Extra Virgin Olive (Redoro) Le Graziane x 1L
  • Extra Virgin Olive (Redoro) Verona x 50cl
  • Garlic Oil Enfused 500ml
  • Herbs (Redoro) x 100ml
  • Lemon (Redoro) x 250ml
  • Rosemary (Redoro) x 250ml